f yeah charlie lubeck

“Well, I don’t particularly care how many ocelots you have to skin until the seats on my plane are complete. You will do as I ask. Is that understood?”


Charlie Lubeck


I’ve been Scott Campbell for six hours now, and he is a sociopath. Absolutely no sense of right and wrong.


Charlie Lubeck - Episode 03 - Vulnerability

“My first thought is .. why? You can only be so vulnerable to a bass line that goes …. you know?”

“I would consider myself to be a pretty seasoned actor. To make me a good bully, I have to somehow find a way to find joy in what I’m doing.”

“This song really relates to my current situation. I do feel like this week left me a little bit broken. But I’m gonna have to get there one way or another.” (about Fix You)

“You started singing and I was like uhh-what? I was so unsure where you were going. Almost every note - and I was like ‘Okay, thank god.’ That’s what the show needs because we don’t want to be a damn karaoke show. And I was very inspired with what you did. So good for you.” - Ryan.

“I don’t really have any regrets after the performance. I felt like I went out there, I did the best I could.”